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Congratulations! You’re ready to buy your first home. All the saving and sacrifices you’ve made bring you to this exciting place in your life, and leads you to making one of the most thrilling purchases ever, your first home!

Before you go looking though, research, research, research, and that starts with understanding a few important things before you start your home search, namely, what can you afford.

You must take the time to take a full assessment of your overall financial picture to ensure that you don’t overspend and interfere with your current lifestyle goals. This includes any outstanding debts you may have, like car loans, and any credit card debt you may be carrying like Visa or even Home Depot cards. Your credit card rating score and your ability to keep up with new home ownership expenses will be under scrutiny by the lenders so it’s important to review and assess.

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At Jerry Brar Mortgages we understand mortgages can be confusing and intimidating. Use this free mortgage calculator to help determine your monthly mortgage payments, interest rates, pay-off dates and amortization schedule — or to help you learn more about mortgages talk to one of our mortgage specialists for more advice, contact us and we will help you with all your questions.

At Jerry Brar Mortgages, our mortgage specialists provide this step by step checklist for you to follow, and keep track of all the information you may be required to share throughout the home loan process. Finalizing all the paperwork is one of the last steps you will take towards completing your home financing.

Step One – Determining your price range

Our Mortgage Calculator  will offer the purchase price of a home that you may be able to afford based on your current financial status and lifestyle.

It will also demonstrate the monthly mortgage payments based on your inputs.

Should you need help a Jerry Brar mortgage specialist will be happy to walk this step through with you.

Step Two – Discover a monthly payment that works for you

Determine whether monthly or bi-monthly payments work better for you and discover other ways to save on interest by discussing with our mortgage specialists.

Step Three – Which mortgage is right for you

Find a mortgage that won’t affect your current lifestyle or one that might improve it by talking to one of our mortgage specialists.

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