BC Mortgage Rates

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FIVE YEAR FIXED RATE MORTGAGE                                         
One of our most popular options. Our Five (5) Year Fixed rate mortgages are perfect for those looking to lock in their rates for a fixed term. This home loan brings you the security of realizing that neither your advantage nor your installments can increment amid that time The 5-year fixed rate is based on Government of Canada 5-year security yields. Regardless, everyone has their own unique needs and you may want to have the capacity to renegotiate or release your mortgage after 5 years.
FIVE YEAR VARIABLE RATE                                                       
Our five year variable rate mortgages are ideal for those looking for a non-fixed rate term. Our variable rate mortgages are adjusted as interest rates fluctuate based on Federal rate changes. This allows for great freedom to adjust rates and payment amounts based on lower interest rates but carries the risk of higher payment as interest rates increase.


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